Trying this out …

This is my very first post from my very first blog.

(Pause for applause)

I had another name in mind for my blog (Organizing My Crazy) but apparently I made this one the last time I was thinking about starting to blog (almost exactly two years ago, right before starting back to school and apparently got busy doing other things with my brain.)  So I am going to just play with this one a while until I feel like I know what I’m doing, then maybe I’ll switch to the other one … we’ll see.

This post is not intended to be of the quality I expect you to expect from me in the future – just practicing.  “Practice makes perfect” … I said this to my daughter to encourage her when she was little, and she would later repeat it enthusiastically as, “Practice makes Purfick!”

About dahnajeen

I'm Donna Jean Hunter. My 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Patterson told me I was a great writer and would be an author when I grew up. She always had me read my stories to the class, and even took me around to the other classrooms to have me read to them. I'm pretty sure the other kids all hated me that year. I don't care though. I love Mrs. Patterson. Of course she did not know then about the Internet and blogging and how much of what people read would no longer be on paper when I grew up. I have had a few things published in a college literary journal, and for a while during college, I actually received pay for working as a technical writer. But so far, I have not been able to say that I'm a writer in the sense that it is what I do for a living. I still sort of dream of that happening one day. But in the meantime, I teach high school English, and can't stop being a writer whether anyone reads it or not. I hope someone enjoys some of it.
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