Daddies Matter

There is just no substitute for Daddy.  There is nothing else that can fill the space meant to be filled by a good, loving, father who is actively involved on a daily basis in his child’s life and on a continuing basis into their adulthood.

If you have one of these rare treasures – a father who from your earliest memory has been a constant presence in your life, whose love for you has never been doubted for a moment, who continues to love you, to be interested in your welfare, and ready to help you with anything at any time, you probably think you adequately appreciate it.  And you probably think you understand how important and precious this gift is.  But you don’t.  Not really.  No one COMPLETELY understands the importance of that gift except those who don’t have it.  Because it has always been there, you are not even consciously aware of the firm foundation on which you stand and walk that is missing from underneath so many others.  But you do your best.  Be as grateful as you can, show him appreciation every chance you get.

If you are one of these fathers – these great men who adore their children, show them lots of affection and gently but firmly teach them what they need to know about life, and are always there for them when they need you – you may think that you are just doing your job, and even more it isn’t even work because you just love your kids so what’s the big deal?  It IS a big deal.  You probably think there is nothing impressive about what you are doing.  You probably think that you feel good enough about yourself.  But you don’t.  Feel even better.  You just can’t overestimate the importance of what you are doing.  You are changing the future for the better.  You are making better and happier adults to be a part of society.  And maybe – if you are one of those who missed out on having this gift of Daddy yourself – you are breaking a chain.  You are stopping pain in its tracks before it gets to your children.  You are changing the course of your family’s future and guiding them to a better place.  As long as your children live – even when they are old and you have gone on – they will be better off, whether they know it or not, just because you were their Daddy.


About dahnajeen

I'm Donna Jean Hunter. My 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Patterson told me I was a great writer and would be an author when I grew up. She always had me read my stories to the class, and even took me around to the other classrooms to have me read to them. I'm pretty sure the other kids all hated me that year. I don't care though. I love Mrs. Patterson. Of course she did not know then about the Internet and blogging and how much of what people read would no longer be on paper when I grew up. I have had a few things published in a college literary journal, and once, for a few weeks--until it threatened to kill me with boredom and I quit--I actually received pay for working as a technical writer. But so far, I have not been able to say that I'm a writer in the sense that it is what I do for a living. I still sort of dream of that happening one day. But in the meantime, I teach high school English, and can't stop being a writer whether anyone reads it or not. I hope someone enjoys some of it.
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